After working as a Design Room Assistant at a small activewear company, Maniago began her journey as an entrepreneur by producing cheerleading and competitive dance costumes for teams across Canada.  Forever a fan of fitness, yoga, gymnastics and dance,  Maniago felt compelled to share her own activewear designs with Canadian women by way of local boutique stores.

The company has grown and evolved over the years, and we are happy and honoured to have met and clothed so many wonderful women. We are a company that values social responsibility and inclusion:

Loko Sport is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.  We value a positive work environment that treats workers with respect and provides employment to our neighbours. Our makers follow Canadian employment and environmental laws while providing quality construction.  There is no need to coat our clothes with formaldehyde since they are not being imported and are made right here at home.

Loko Sport is Inclusive. The collection is designed to fit and flatter every woman who enjoys an active lifestyle and comfortable, stylish clothes. We offer 9 sizes from XS-20.

Loko Sport is Eco-conscious. We use Bamboo and Modal which are biodegradable and require no pesticides. They are naturally wickable and breathable fabrics. We buy quality technical and eco fabrics from Canadian and American distributors.

Loko Sport has Social Impact. We encourage people to live with strength, purpose and social consciousness.  We are partnering with local yoga and fitness Professionals across Canada to bring free classes to marginalized groups in our local communities. We donate our end of season stock to those in need in our own London, ON community.