Our responsibility to our customers during Co - Vid 19






We have put sanitizing measures in place for you and our staffs safety.

-Limit of 4 Customers at a time, We respectively ask that you leave you partners, kids or family members at home. If you would like to shop with friends or family members you are welcome to book an appointment after hours on Wednesday to Saturday form 4-6 and Monday & Tuesday from 11-4. Any questions please call us at 604-532-5898.

- Surfaces are sanitized regularly through out the day. Counter and pin pad at till is wiped down after each customer. Door handles is wiped down through out the day

- We do accept cash. Cash is sprayed with Isopropyl before going into the cash drawer.

- Staff is regularly washing hands and sanitizing them. We have supplied single use hand towels for staff and customers to use. Hand sanitizer is at the entrance back onto the floor from the bathroom.

- Hand sanitizer is provided for you to use as you enter the store. Gloves are also provided for you to wear while browsing if you would like to do so.

- After you have tried on clothes we ask that you leave them in the change room so a sales associate can remove them and put them into quarintine before steaming and placing them back on the floor.

- Each change room is sanitized after each use. After a customer has used a change room the curtain is  closed until it can be sanitized.

- Maskes are not required to be worn in store, if you request a staff member to wear one, we will.

- If you require assistance in the change room we will ask you first if you are ok with us coming in and if you would like us to put a mask on.